BinaryOptionRobot review – best auto trading software or scam?


In recent years, on financial market appeared a new type of online investment and it is called binary options trading. Binary options industry has an increased number of customers who are attracted to this type of online trading due to its many advantages and high investment returns.

Traders who prefer binary options trading use several different trading services and strategies, that are available on the platform of chosen binary options broker. In order to have a profitable binary options journey, traders have to choose a trustworthy broker who will provide them a variety of trading instruments as well as a safe trading process. On, you can gather useful information regarding reliable binary options brokers. In binary options industry, many traders have chosen an auto trading. This is an automated version of binary options trading where software does the whole work by itself, without any special involvement of the trader. In binary options auto trading, software itself analyzes current situation on financial market and estimates price movements of an underlying assets. Auto trading has become very popular because it requires very low or no effort from the trader.



To enable traders to have a successful binary options auto trading process, Binary Option Robot appeared as their preferred choice. Binary Option Robot is an auto trading software that automatically trades binary options on the financial market.

Here, on Binary Inspector we will introduce you more thoroughly with many benefits you can get while trading with Binary Option Robot. The best thing about Robot is the fact it is completely free and required no download! Binary Option Robot is available for traders worldwide, which of course, includes traders from the USA. This is also considered as one of the main benefits Binary Option Robot can offer to their traders around the world.


Binary Option Robot Features

BinaryOptionRobot_1With our Binary Option Robot, trading binary options is a safe process. Robot is compatible with the best reliable binary options brokers worldwide so traders do not have to worry about possible scam. Binary Option Robot has many advantages, available for traders that we will explain more detailed further in this review. This auto software is easy to use and presents no difficulties for traders to use the platform. We believe how traders beginners especially find Binary Option Robot to be very useful for them. Since Robot does the entire work, traders actually do not invest much effort in the trading process. Platform, which Robot uses is high-developed and secure and offers multiple different settings, from choosing asset type and trade amount to the maximum daily loss. Besides computers, traders can use Binary Option Robot on their mobile phones and tablets as well. This is an excellent trading benefit because it enables mobile trading and in these days, everything is mobile. Another great feature is the fact that Robot can work even when it is offline. This means that Robot doesn’t necessarily have to have an internet connection to be able to place trades. In case trader wishes to change certain settings, then Binary Option Robot needs to have an internet connection.



How does Binary Option Robot actually work?

The main purpose here, on Binary Inspector is to offer this excellent auto trading solution that will enable traders worldwide to maximize profit. Let us explain how does Robot work. For Robot to be able to accurately predict price movement of an asset, it is necessary to use trading signals. Binary signals are trading alerts, that Robot receives from experienced trading experts. The most important thing to mention is the fact that Binary Option Robot uses signals in the real time so here the importance of trading signals is clearly visible. Those signals will show Robot to call or to put invested money in a particular trade. Robot compares data from current trends on the market with previous ones in order to be more accurate and precise. The goal is to enable traders to achieve the best winning ratio with binary options. In order to be profitable while trading binary options, we have to emphasize the importance of setting your own limits. Robot offers two possibilities to achieve that, through Stop Loss and Reverse Trading. When trader presses Stop Loss button, it means that Robot will start trading binary options as soon as the margin is reached. And the Reverse Trading is a trading tool that when in on, it will automatically start trading opposite from the signals. Traders can use this feature when they believe binary signals are false. Another great feature is a VIP account, which will enable traders to have additional trading features for even more profitable binary options experience.



Binary Option Robot has been reviewed on our site and we find it to be an excellent trading solution, which will enable traders to achieve high returns with minimum invested effort in the whole trading process. It is only required from traders to set the risk level and afterwards, Robot will places trades by itself. While registering for the first time, Robot will choose the most preferred binary broker for the traders based on the country he comes from. If traders have any questions regarding how this auto trading software works, they can check the FAQ section or contact Robot’s customer support that will provide them assistance during trading process. Assistance is possible through email and live chat.


Binary Option Robot is an excellent auto trading solution for all traders in binary options industry. Robot is consisted of many useful trading tools and services, available for traders worldwide. We believe that with our Binary Option Robot, trading binary options is a safe and profitable experience for everyone on